Anonymous asked:

okay explain to me why people are fuck heads

Call Me D.N. Answer:

People are always fuck heads. Were going to meet them every day for the rest of our lives.
The best thing to do is keep your head held high. Literally and metaphorically. The minute you hang your head or get angry and show it, you’re giving that person power over you. They KNOW they can make you feel like shit. They become a puppeteer and you their puppet. Theyll pull the strings and make you kick yourself in the ass. But they cant EVER see you do that.
Even if you have to go home and scribble hate words all ove their pictures and make a burn book dedicated to just them. Then you hold the power over them and theyll eventually grow the fuck up and stop. Theyll see that what they do isnt hurting you at all and get bored.
If anyone could learn anything from me I hope its this.

If all else fails, punch that fucker in the face c:

-Hope I helped x